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it was built last year

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Q: When was manchester ship canal built?
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What has the author A Provand written?

A. Provand has written: 'The Manchester Ship Canal scheme' -- subject(s): Manchester Ship Canal Co

Who built the Manchester ship canal?

Design: Edward Leader Williams Construction: Thomas Walker, later John Aird.

Which ship canal links with Liverpool?

Your thinking of the Manchester Ship Canal, it links landlocked Manchester with The Irish Sea via the River Mersey and Liverpool.

Why was the Welland canal built?

the welland canal was built to ship items from the U.S.A to Canada

What was the ali-ali-o in the big ship sails on... and was there an actual bg ship?

The Ali-ali-O is the Manchester ship canal built in the 1880's and early 1890's. It turned Manchester in to England's 3rd most important Trading port despite the fact that Manchester is over 50 miles from the coast. There would have been hundreds of big ships using it everyday bringing in cotton form the USA, so it is very likely that one of these large ships sailed on the last day of September. the Canal is no longer in major use, as it it not big enough to deal with today's modern ship sizes.

Does Birmingham have a ship canal or port?

Yes,Birmingham is connected to the sea by the Birmingham Canal which like the Manchester Ship Canal has massive ships going to the inland ports for trade.

Why is there a ship in the Manchester united and Manchester city's logo?

These are symbols of the Manchester ship canal, connecting Manchester with the River Mersey and eventually the Irish Sea, constructed to transport textiles from the industrial heartlands of Manchester and other nearby Lancashire towns.

What is the nearest city to Manchester?

Manchester is directly connected to the sea by the Manchester Ship Canal, the nearest port on the coast is Liverpool.

How deep is the Manchester ship canal?

The manchestership canal is 30ft deep and 36 miles long.

Find the departure times from the Pier Head Liverpool for a cruise on the Manchester Ship Canal between 9.30 and 18.30 on a Saturday?

the cruise on manchester ship is between 12:30

When was rochdale canal built?

By 1799 the canal was open between Sowerby Bridge and Todmorden and from Manchester to Rochdale. The Canal was closed in 1952 and was reopened in 2002.

What has the author W Burnett Tracy written?

W. Burnett Tracy has written: 'Port of Manchester' -- subject(s): Manchester Ship Canal