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attack on civil rights workers (montgomery bus boycott)

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Nazi Germany..Salem witch trials

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Q: When was mob mentality used in history?
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How can mob mentality be avoided?

Mob Mentality can be avoided by singling out people from the mob as individuals, showing that they are individual people from the mob, having individuals thoughts. #wonton

What video does seananners talk about mob mentality?

SeaNanners talks about mob ,mentality in his video about black ops 2.

Identify two tools or tactics that were used to implement the final solution?

fear and mob mentality.

What are the release dates for Michael Hayes - 1997 Mob Mentality 1-11?

Michael Hayes - 1997 Mob Mentality 1-11 was released on: USA: 6 January 1998

What are the ratings and certificates for Body of Proof - 2011 Mob Mentality 3-4?

Body of Proof - 2011 Mob Mentality 3-4 is rated/received certificates of: USA:TV-14

How is McCarthyism connected to the Salem witch trials?

McCarthyism is a mob mentality driven by fear, often a fear of something nonexistent. So the Salem witch trials is a great example of McCarthyism, for the people of colonial Massachusetts were driven by mob mentality and fear.

How do you use mob in a sentence?

Career criminals suffer from a mob mentality. I suddenly found myself far from the madding mob. The mob of chimps was suddenly gone.

What is an example of Mob mentality in?

Nazi Germany..Salem witch trials

What are the release dates for Weird True and Freaky - 2008 Mob Mentality 1-21?

Weird True and Freaky - 2008 Mob Mentality 1-21 was released on: USA: 18 November 2008

What are examples of Mob mentality in Inherit the Wind?

In "Inherit the Wind," a mob mentality is demonstrated when the town turns against Bert Cates for teaching evolution, leading to his arrest and trial. The townspeople are swayed by emotion and groupthink, resulting in a narrow-minded and oppressive atmosphere. This mob mentality reflects the fear and intolerance present in the community towards differing beliefs.

How do Ralph and his tribe rationalize their killing of Simon?

They thought he was the Beastie. It was mob mentality.

How does Holocaust fit into mob mentality?

The Holocaust fits in to mob mentality because all of the Nazis that did horrible things to the Jews probably would not have done that on their own. They felt that it was acceptable because the 'next guy' was doing it too.