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The QMC is seen under construction in 1972 on the Lenton Times website so I would put it's opening around 1974-75.

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Q: When was queens medical centre Nottingham built?
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William the Conqueror built Nottingham Castle.

When was Nottingham castle built?

Nottingham Castle was built on "Castle Rock" in 1067 on the orders of William the Conqueror. The castle was subsequently remodeled in 1678 by William Cavendish, then the Duke of Newcastle.

Is there a hollister in Nottingham?

There soon will be. its being built right now.

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was first built in 1067 a year after the battle of hastings

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1706 the year of her monarch

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Why was the alnwick castle built?

Nottingham castle was originally built by William the Conqueror along with many other castles to retain power and rule over England. He built the castle with the unwilling help of the men of Nottingham, and was given to William Peverell; his illegitimate son to look after. He built it on 'Castle Rock' in Nottingham, as it is on the top of a rock as high as 130 feet high to the south and west, and gave a great advantage to the defence and attack of the castle.