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The European Renaissance occurred from 14th-17th century.

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In Late 1400s

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Q: When was the European Renaissance?
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Where did the European Renaissance were at?

The Renaissance began in Italy and it was the principle location of the Renaissance.

Why did European society during the Renaissance differed from European society during the Middle Ages in that during the renaissance?


Why is the renaissance important?

As the result to the Renaissance studies, European ideas changed.

What part of Europe did the European renaissance begin?

The European Renaissance began in Western Europe, more specifically, in the city-state of Florence, Italy.

What is the European renaissance marked by?

The European Renaissance was marked by a renewed interest in science, commerce , philosophy, and the arts.

What European country led the way in Renaissance painting and sculpture?

The European country that led the way in Renaissance painting and sculpture was, and still is, Italy.

What did northern European renaissance and Italian renaissance have in common?

They were both helped by the printing press.

What did both northern European and the Italian renaissance have in common?

They were both European renaissances

What European movement means rebirth?


What is considered the Rebirth in European History?

The Renaissance

What is renaissance and European banqueting?

it is people that fart

Why was the European renaissance so important?

The Renaissance was important because it ushered in many changes, particularly in European art and culture. The Renaissance is generally understood to be the art, literature and culture accumulated in the 14th to 16th centuries.