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1519- 1522

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Q: When was the completion of the first voyage around the world?
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Who led the first journey around the world?

Ferdinand Magellan lead the first circumnavigation of the world, however he died before its completion.

Who was the First man to be given credit for sailing around the world?

Magellan s voyage was the first to sail around the world, though he did not complete the voyage.

What did ferdinard Magellan do?

he went to the first voyage around the world

First ship to make a voyage around the world?

It was the Victoria

What was the first voyage to sail all around the world?


How was the first voyage around the world take?

It took about 1 year

Why was Ferdinand Magellan famous in history?

he was in command of the first voyage around the world

Which was the first to lead a voyage that eventually went around the world?

Cristopher Columbus

What explorer was the first to captain a voyage that sailed around the world?

Joshua Slocum

What explorer died on the first voyage around the world?

I beileve that it was Ferdinad Magellan

When does drake complete his voyage around the world?

drake complestes his voyage around the world in 1993

Was Magellan's voyage important to the world?

His voyage was the first to circumnavigate the world, unfortunately he was killed by natives just before making it around the world.