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In 1907. Wax cylinders were used in dictaphones until 1947.

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Q: When was the first dictaphone used?
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How do you use dictaphone in a sentence?

The Secretary at the law office used a dictaphone while transcribing notes!!

What is dictaphone typing?

Dictaphone (a tape recorder that records and reproduces dictation)

Did Edison invent the dictaphone?

Yes, Thomas Edison invented the 1st practical dictaphone.

What is the purpose of a digital dictaphone?

A digital dictaphone is useful for recording voices, as a secretary might for transcribing later. The digital version replaces the tape recorder style dictaphone and has a longer and clearer recording.

What was a dictaphone used for back in the day?

A dictaphone is a specialized piece of recording technology primarily designed to facilitate recording and subsequent transcription of spoken words. These devices are designed to be portable and to record sound at a useful but not perfect leve.

Is Dictaphone a name brand word?

Dictaphone is a product brand name. It is the name of an early company that made dictation recording machines.

Who invented the Dictaphone?

Thomas Edison

What device which records what is spoken into it and then reproduces it?


When was the dictaphone made?

The Dictaphone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1881. It was designed to record and playback voice dictations, making it a crucial tool for business professionals and stenographers.

How do you record from a dictaphone?

To record from a dictaphone, make sure the device is turned on and the microphone is positioned correctly. Press the record button to start recording your audio. When finished, press the stop button to save the recording.

What is the general purpose of a Dictaphone transcriber?

A cassette transcriber is typically used by an individual that is looking to transfer the recordings from a cassette tape to another medium. An example would be to transfer from a cassette to a CD.

Did Thomas Edison invent the dictaphone?

Edison produced his most important inventions at Menlo Park, New Jersey 1876-87.