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First embassy(consulate) was established in 1790 at Liverpool England.

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Q: When was the first embassy building made?
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What is an embassy?

A diplomatic building.

Where was the first American embassy established?

Morocco was the first country to recognize the United States as an independent country. As a result, the first American embassy in the world was in Tangier in 1777. The USA still has a legation in Tangier. It is in a building that was a gift to the U.S. in 1821 from Moroccan Sultan Moulay Suliman. Interestingly, the old building is the first piece of property acquired abroad by the U.S. government. ( )

What does the word Embassy mean?

An embassy is an office, or entire building in a country that is staffed by foreign diplomats. These diplomats are representatives of their country to the country they are in. The leader of the embassy is called an ambassador.

When was the first American embassy established in the Bahamas?

The first American embassy was established in 1929

Who made first building in India?

i made it by kavya

Who made the first building?

in 1790

What year was the first building made?


What do you call an ambassadors residence?

An embassy.Another View: The first answer is correct ONLY if the Ambassador happens to reside within the building. The word 'embassy' generally refers to the building or offices that actually conduct the business of that nation in the country. If the Ambassador actually lives elsewhere his home is referred to as the Ambassadorial Residence.

What is the first building made out of at Ellis Island?


Where was the first Pakistan Embassy opened?


Who made the first multistory concrete cement building in Britain?

Francois Hennebique in 1898 building a factory in Swansea.

In which country Pakistan open first embassy?

Iran i think