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The early 19th century.

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Q: When was the transcendental period?
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Is the pi root of any number transcendental?

Since pi is transcendental, pi2 is also transcendental. So pi is the square root of the transcendental number pi2.

Who proved pi is a transcendental number?

Hermite proved that "e" is transcendental, but it was Ferdinand Lindemann who proved that "pi" is transcendental.

When was Transcendental Medication created?

Transcendental Medication was created in 1996.

When was Transcendental Youth created?

Transcendental Youth was created in 2012.

When was Transcendental Highway created?

Transcendental Highway was created on 1998-10-13.

When was Fruitlands - transcendental center - created?

Fruitlands - transcendental center - was created in 1843.

When was Transcendental Sky Guitar created?

Transcendental Sky Guitar was created in 2000.

When was Transcendental Blues created?

Transcendental Blues was created on 2000-06-06.

When was Transcendental - album - created?

Transcendental - album - was created on 2006-09-11.

If pi is 3.141592653589793238462643383279 etc can you find the square root of pi and get a single without a decimal?

π is a transcendental number, and any square root of a a transcendental is immediately transcendental.

What is a transcendental religion?

The concept of transcendentalism is that the god is above, more powerful, distinct, and separate from it's people or creation. A transcendental religion is just a religion that believes their god is transcendental.

What mathematical symbol did math whiz Ferdinand von lindimine determine to be a transcendental number in 1882?

He proved that e, the base of natural logarithms is transcendental. From this, it follows that pi is also transcendental.