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They were formed in February 10th, 1841. They were formed in February 10th, 1841.

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Q: When were the territories of Upper and Lower Canada joined to form the Dominion of Canada?
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When did Canada become a dominion?

The first four provinces of Canada (Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia) joined confederation on July 1, 1867 Canada is now 143 years old as of 2010 .

What act joined Upper and Lower Canada?

The Act of Union, 1840, which was proclaimed on February 10, 1841, joined the colonies of Upper Canada and Lower Canada into a single colony known as the Province of Canada.

What two countries did Canada form from?

Canada did not form from any country. If what you mean is which two European countries created political entities which were then merged into Canada, then your answer is Great Britain (or the United Kingdom) and France. The Dominion of Canada, was created in 1867 out of the merger into one dominion of 3 British colonies: Canada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Later on Prince-Edward-Island joined what is called Confederation, followed by British-Columbia. All of Which were British colonies. The rest of the territory was transfered from the British Hudson's Bay Company. This land was later divided into new provinces and territories, including the provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, and the territories of Yukon, and the Northwest Territories, which was further subdivided into the Northwest Territories and Nunavut. Finally, in 1949, the British colony of Newfoundland joined confederation. The Colony of Canada was a result of the Act of Union of 1841 which united the colonies of Upper and Lower Canada into one colony, called Canada. These entities are now Ontario and Québec, though the Province of Québec itself is a much older entity, the name of which goes back to the Royal Proclamation of 1863, which changed the name (and boudaries) of New France to the Province of Quebec. New France was the name of the French Colony, which is now part of Canada.

When the provinces of Canada joined?

The province that joined Canada in 1949 was Newfoundland and Labrador.Newfoundland

What did Canada into two provinces?

if you mean when did Canada have 2 different territories before it became a country, it was called Upper and Lower Canada, which then later split into different territories which were called "provinces", this you can read up on in your local library.

Who were the united province of Canada in the 1800s?

they were lower and upper Canada which today is Ontario and Quebec. The Atlantic countries joined later on.

What was cananda day called before 1867?

Before 1867, Canada was divided into upper and lower Canada. In lower Canada most of the people were French. In upper Canada most of the people were British. But on July first, 1867 upper and lower Canada joined confederation to become Canada, This is why we celebrate Canada day on July first :)

What were the bristish colonian regions in north America?

Newfoundland, British North America(chiefly the Thirteen Colonies), Upper Canada(English Canada), Lower Canada(French Canada) and the Indian Reserve. The Indian Reserve was unified with the Province of Quebec(Lower Canada) in 1774 after the Quebec Act. Newfoundland was originally separate from the colonial region of Canada. It was unified with the Dominion of Canada in 1949 after the Newfoundland Act. Upper and Lower Canada were unified into the Province of Canada after the Act of Union 1840,

What were the main points to the Durham report?

Upper and Lower Canada be joined. Canada have a responsible government. Those Canadians should take care of themselves.

Who wasn't involved in confederation?

The first provinces involved were upper Canada (Ontario), lower Canada (quebec), new Brunswick and nova scotia. The rest joined later on.

When was Canada named Canada?

Canada, the first country to have been created by legislation, was named "Canada" on July 1, 1867. The pre-Confederation Province of Canada was named "Canada" on February 10, 1841. The colonies of Upper Canada and Lower Canada were so named on December 26, 1791.Kindly note that Canada's name has always been, simply, "Canada." It was never "the Dominion of Canada." In this respect, please refer to section 3 of the British North America Act(now the Constitution Act). The word "dominion" therein was merely a term of description. The pertinent part of section 3 reads, "one Dominion under the Name of Canada." The confusion arises because in the 1860s most (if not all) nouns were capitalized.

Is Canada divided into provinces which are similar to states in the US?

Canada is divided into provinces and territories. There are ten provinces and three territories. The three territories are located in northern Canada. The ten provinces stretch from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.