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Artifacts are objects of historical or cultural interest that were made by humans. Many artifacts are kept in museums and they are on display so the public can view them.

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Q: Where are artifacts kept?
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How do you preserve museum artifacts?

Museum artifacts are kept in perfect condition by following strict guidelines. The artifacts must be kept at a certain temperature, the light must be perfect, and the artifacts must be kept away from humans.

Old object and artifacts discovered by archaeologists kept?

Art gallery

What are three advantages on why aboriginal artifacts should be kept at a museum?

because people can learn from it

WhaT IS A Modern artifacts?

modern artifacts are artifacts found now

Where is the Torah scroll kept and why?

The Torah scroll being the holiest of Jewish artifacts is kept in a special heavy cabinet called the "aron." Since it has supreme holiness it must be covered when we engage in mundane activities in its presence.

What is the collective noun for artifacts?

There is no specific collective noun for 'artifacts', in which case, a collective noun suitable for the situation is used; for example, a collection of artifacts, a display of artifacts, a case of artifacts, etc.

What are some Sioux Indian artifacts?

Indian Artifacts The artifacts are arrowheads, beaded Items, pottery, rare coins, stone artifacts, rare books, contemporary artifacts,and feathered axes,

How do you preserve artifacts?

when did the archeology presrve artifacts

When was As Artifacts created?

As Artifacts was created in 2008.

What are Argentina artifacts?

Historic artifacts in Argentina

Why should artifacts be kept in museums?

So that the public at large gets a chance to see them. If they were all in private collections, only the owners and their friends would be able to see them. Plus most museums have excellent preservationists that are able to look after the artifacts, and preserve them for the generations to come.

What are archaeologists and what do they do?

A person who studies artifacts can cultural.

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