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Have a search at I could findThe March of Literature from Confucius' Day to Our Own. Cheers

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Q: Where can i find the book of the days by Confucius info through internet?
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What was the influence of the book of days by Confucius?

"The Book of Days" by Confucius is a collection of his teachings and sayings, emphasizing virtues like propriety, filial piety, and sincerity. It has been influential in shaping moral values and ethical principles in East Asian societies, particularly in China. The book continues to be studied and its teachings followed by individuals seeking to cultivate personal and societal harmony.

Where can I find a summary of Confucius's 'The Book of Days' It is one of the 12 literary masterpieces?

You can find summaries and analyses of Confucius's 'The Book of Days' in various academic sources, library databases, or online platforms dedicated to Asian literature and philosophy. These summaries typically highlight key themes, teachings, and insights from the text, providing a condensed overview for readers interested in understanding the work.

What was the gift of Confucius?

The gift of Confucius, was a gift of ethics. This is something that was a characteristic of people back in those days. It was necessary to keep morals alive for some people.

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