Where can you find a good Greek Report?

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Zeus is a Greek God, the most powerful one. Zeus' Roman name is Jupiter. Zeus did many things in his lifetime………… which is forever, because he's immortal. He saved all his siblings, overthrew his father, won the Titanomachy, had over 240 kids and over 155 girlfriends, and chopped his father into pieces with his father's own scythe. Zeus was honored for many things and also known for many things.

Zeus was the son to Coronus and Rhea. Coronus was son to Gaea and Uranus. Coronus had overthrown his father, just as Zeus had done to him. Gaea, Coronus' mother, helped Coronus overthrow his father, and Rhea, Zeus' mother, helped him overthrow his father. When Coronus took over the throne, he went to the oracle and heard a prophecy that one of his kids would overthrow him. From then on, every time Rhea gave birth to a child, he would swallow them whole. Then, when Zeus was born, the youngest baby, she hid him in a cave and he was raised by nymphs. Rhea tricked Coronus by wrapping up a rock in a baby blanket and Coronus swallowed the rock instead. Then, when Zeus grew into a man, he gave his father a concoction of wine mixed with mustard. This drink made Coronus throw up his children. Out of his mouth came Hades, Hera, Hestia, Poseidon, and Demeter. This started the Titanomachy war. It was a war between the Olympians and the Titans. Coronus lead the Titans and Zeus led the Olympians. Everyone was able to choose sides. All Titians joined the Titan army, except for one, Prometheus. He hadn't sided with the rest of his family during the Titanomachy, which pays off later. After 10 years of battle, Zeus had lead his team to victory and Zeus had taken over the throne.

One thing Zeus was known for was his crucial punishments. Everyone he'd fought against in the war, he threw them in the deepest depths of Tarturus, including his father, by chopping him up with his own scythe. But because Titan Prometheus had not sided with his aunts, uncles, and brother Atlas, Zeus spared him. Zeus then assigned Prometheus the task of forming man from water and earth, which Prometheus did, but in the process, became fonder of men than Zeus had anticipated. Zeus didn't share Prometheus' feelings and wanted to prevent men from having power, especially over fire. Prometheus cared more for man than for the wrath of the increasingly powerful and autocratic king of the gods, so he stole fire from Zeus' lightning, concealed it in a hollow stalk of fennel, and brought it to man. Prometheus also stole skills from Hephaestus and Athena to give to man, such as wisdom and tools. Zeus became furious and gave Prometheus a treacherous punishment. He placed Prometheus on a mountainside and tied him there. Then, each day, and eagle would come and eat his immortal liver which would grow back each night. Then after Prometheus was freed by Hercules, Zeus let him go about and gave him another chance, only to be tricked by him again. Prometheus benefited mankind when Zeus and he were developing the ceremonial forms for animal sacrifice. The astute Prometheus devised a sure-fire way to help man. He divided the slaughtered animal parts into two packets. In one was the ox-meat and innards wrapped up in the stomach lining. In the other packet were the ox-bones wrapped up in its own rich fat. One would go to the gods and the other to the humans making the sacrifice. Prometheus presented Zeus with a choice between the two, and Zeus took the deceptively richer appearing: the fat-encased, but inedible bones. With this, Zeus once again had been tricked, but then again, he couldn't get mad because he was the one who chose it. This is assumed to be the reason why bones and scraps of dinner servings are offered unto gods, and people eat the meat and fat of the animal.

Zeus had many kids and girlfriends. All gods are able to morph their form and turn into mortals, and mate with them. Then if they have kids, their kids are half god and half mortal. They would call these kids demigods. Zeus also married his sister, the goddess of marriage, Hera. Every time Zeus would get a new girlfriend, Hera, out of jealousy, would find a way to get even. She would poison them, light their house on fire, or even kill them. When Hera would get revenge she showed people not to mess with her "hubby", the hard way. Many of the gods and goddesses were Zeus' kids. Ares, the God of War, was the child of Zeus and Hera. Apollo and Artemis were the twins of Zeus and a mortal named Leto. Most people think that Athena was born through normal birth like the other gods and goddesses, but actually, that's not what happened. One day, Zeus had an excruciating headache. Nobody knew why. Then after a few months, out of Zeus' head popped Athena, the goddess of wisdom. She was a fully grown woman and was dressed in full armor. The only other goddess that wasn't born through normal birth was Aphrodite, the goddess of love. She came out of the ocean in a pearl, also fully grown. Hephaestus was also the son to Zeus and Hera

By, Andrew Handal

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Q: Where can you find a good Greek Report?
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