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Contact the registrars office at the school you graduated from.

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Q: Where can you get a copy of lost history degree certificate?
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When did people first speed skate?

The first date of ice skating has been lost in the annals of history. There have been crude ice skate found in Finland from about 4,000 years ago. For more history, read the link below.

Is history just listing the facts?

History is listing what happened, when, where and if possible why. It is usually facts (because something either happened or it didn't, and often a large amount of proof is available), but occassionally historians are reduced to making educated guesses where that proof is lacking or lost.

What is the relationship between history and geography?

History can often decide history. For example, The sacond punic war (Carthage vs Rome). Hannibal lost thousands of men on the alps (Livy puts it at 36,000). This had an ompact on his ability in Italy. Hannibal also won victory at the Trebbia as the river froze the Romans spirits. There are many other examples in history. I really hope that this isn't a homework question for you.

What Is HistoryWho studies history?

History is a science that studies the logical connections between events in the past, slowly creeping up to the present day and helps to suggest what will happen tomorrow. How does it work? If you lost all your money yesterday, today you won't be able to eat, tomorrow you will have health problems. With historical events, the logic works similarly.

Why does the war of 1812 loom so much larger in Canadian history than in American?

It has often been said that the history of wars are written by the winners of those wars. Since Canada won the War of 1812, the history of it was written by and for Canadians. It has also often been said that the losers of wars tend to forget about those wars. Since the US lost the War of 1812, there has been a strong tendency to ignore it.

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How do you get a certificate of British citizenship?

If you were born in the UK, your birth certificate will confirm that you are British. If you have lost it, you can apply for a copy. It you are British by naturalisation, your certificate will prove it.

How do you get TAG Heuer certificate 2009?

i lost my certificate of authenticity for my tag watch in a house fire, can i get another copy and at what cost?

How do you get a new copy of your food hygiene certificate?

I did my level 3 food hygiene certificate in 2010 and I have lost it, is there anyway I can get a replacement?

How do I get my lost ENGINEERING Degree certificate from University of Bombay?

Contact the University, they will check their records and issue a replacement certificate.

How can you apply for duplicate SSC certificate in Andhra Pradesh as you have lost it?

I lost my ssc marks memo but there is no xerox copy of the marks memo how to get that marks memo

How can you replace your lost CNAA BEd Degree Certificate?

Contact the the Office of the Registrar at the school you attended.

How do you get a duplicate degree certificate from Mumbai University?

lost my degree certificate while travelling

What do you do if you are a non citizen and have lost your birth certificate?

You can get a copy of your birth certificate from the registar of those records in the country where you were born. Depending on the country, you MAY be able to order one (and pay for it, they are not free) on the internet. My wife is a British subject, and when we needed a copy of her birth certificate, we were able to get one from the UK.

I got married in boyce virginia and move to texas but i lost my marriage certificate can somebody help me get a certified copy please?

You can contact the court house you originally obtaines your marriage certificate from. They should be able to mail you a copy. There may be a fee.

Who was the first person to sign Walt Disney's death certificate?

That information has been lost to history.

Can my bank give me a new copy of my Certificate of Deposit?

If you have lost your Certificate of Deposit, all you have to do is go to your bank, make sure to take some Id with you, and they will be able to look up your bank details and issue you with a new Certificate of Deposit.

Lost teaching degree certificate what can you do?

Contact the institution where you earned the degree. They may be able to issue a new certificate. They will also have your educational transcripts on record so you can prove you are indeed qualified to teach. Be aware that there will probably be a fee attached to either of these options.