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The Tudor period is the time when the Tudor family came to the throne. Henry VIII is the most famous tudor king. You can see many Tudor houses in England today. Some of them are over 500 years old!

How can you recognise a Tudor House?

Most ordinary homes in Tudor times were half timbered - they had wooden frames and the spaces between were filled with small sticks and wet clay called wattle and daub.

Tudor houses are known for their 'black-and-white' effect.

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Q: Where colourful Tudor houses rare?
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Tudor houses often had extensive gardens. The Tudor dynasty was extremely wealthy, grandiose, and ostentatious. King Henry VIII was the most wealthy of the kings of England. He was a Tudor.

What were the style of houses called in Shakespeare's time?

They are called Tudor houses after the Tudor family which ruled England from 1485 to 1603.

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Tudor houses are wooden houses where the tudors used to live. they are made from timber and straw. the straw is for the roof were it is woven in. i love Joel Thomson

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Why are wooden frames of Tudor houses black

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