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he wasnt buried he died in a taroble storm in the Cape of Good Hope and so did hes crew

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Q: Where did Bartholomeu Dias buried?
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Bartolomeu Dias is a she or he?

Bartholomeu Dias is a dude

Where was Bartholomeu Dias?

Bartholomeu Dias was in Sernjurda looking for his family after he got back to sea from his hardships on the Atlantic Ocean.

Was Bartholomeu Dias Portuguese?

Yes, he was.

Where did bartholomeu dias sail to?


Who found the pacific ocean?

Bartholomeu Dias

Did Bartholomeu Dias succeed?

He didn't succeed.

Did bartholomeu dias have a father?

he did have a father. HAPPY?

Who did bartholomeu dias work for?

manuel l

Where did bartholomeu Dias come from?

He came from Portugal.

Who was bartholomeu dias married to?

jay garcia

What were the years that bartholomeu dias explore?


Where did Bartholomeu Dias land?

he landed in spain