Where did Francisco Alvares explore?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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In 1515 he traveled to Ethiopia

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Q: Where did Francisco Alvares explore?
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When was Antonio Francisco Xavier Alvares born?

Antonio Francisco Xavier Alvares was born on 1836-04-24.

When did Antonio Francisco Xavier Alvares die?

Antonio Francisco Xavier Alvares died on 1923-09-23.

What has the author Francisco Alvares written?

Francisco Alvares has written: 'Ho preste Joam das Indias' -- subject(s): Latin American literature, Medieval and modern Latin literature

Why did francisco pizerro explore?

who was francisco pizerro?

Why did Francisco Pizarro want to explore?

Francisco Pizarro wanted to explore because he wanted to find land and gold!

What did francisco vasques explore?


Why did Pedro Alvares Cabral want to explore Brazil?

Pedro Alvares Cabral wanted to explore Brazil in 1500 while en route to India because he was tasked with establishing trade routes and claim land for Portugal. His expedition ended up being the first recorded European encounter with Brazil, leading to the colonization and exploitation of the region.

Did Francisco Pizarro find the headwaters of the Amazon?

No, Francisco Pizarro did not explore the Amazon.

Where did Francisco Pizarro explore the Americas?


When did Francisco Vasquez explore Cuba?

he didnt

When was Shefali Alvares born?

Shefali Alvares was born in 1987.

When was Ordonho Alvares born?

Ordonho Alvares was born in 1230.