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Q: Where did Kenyan people come from?
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Does the maasia people have a curancy?

massai people located at Kenyan. So kenyan's acceptable currency use dollar,Euro, etc..

Where do kenyan people mostly live?


What do maasai people have for currency?

Kenyan Shillings

How many people in the world speak kenyan?

There is no such language as "kenyan". The official languages of the country known as Kenya are Swahili and English.

What money do Kenya people use?

Kenyan shillings

Why do kenyan people paint their faces?

beacuse it is there culture

what food do sotho people eat?


What is the Race of the Nairobi people?

Kenya has ethnic Kenyans (made of about 42 tribes), then there's Kenyan-Europeans, Kenyas- Asians, Kenyan-Arabs and other races of people.

What Arab culture did Obamas father come from?

Barack Obama's father was Kenyan.

What currency do people in Nairobi use?

The Kenyan shilling (KES)

What does malia mean in kenyan?

In Kenyan Swahili, "malia" means angel or heavenly being.

What kind of jobs do kenyan people have?

i am so sorry but i don't know!