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At the mouth of the Columbia River on the Pacific Ocean coast.

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In a rollar costar

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Q: Where did Lewis and clarks journey end?
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Where did Lewis and clarks journey begin?

They're journey began at pittsburg PA-HYunwoo

Lewis and clarks first name'?

clarks name is Bill Lewis's name is Clinton

What were Lewis and Clarks last names?

Lewis and clark

Meriwether Lewis and Williams clarks journey took them?

up the Missouri River and into the Pacific Northwest

People on Lewis and clarks expedition?

Lewis, Clark, Sacajawea

Lewis and clarks family?


What was Lewis and clarks full name?

Meriwether Lewis and William Clark

Were Lewis and clarks findings a success?


When was Lewis and clarks expidition?

1803 to 1806

What occurred first Embargo Act OR start of Lewis and Clarks expedition?

Start of lewis and clarks expedition came first

What are Lewis and Clarks family name names?

William Clark and Merrlwethir Lewis

What is clarks full name of Lewis and Clark?

William Clark and Meriwether Lewis