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William Dampier explored previously unknown parts of the western coast of Australia, then known as New Holland.

On 4 January 1688, William Dampier's ship the 'Cygnet' was beached on the northwest coast of Australia, at King Sound near Buccaneer Archipelago on the north-west coast of Australia. Eleven years later, Dampier was back, after the British Admiralty commissioned him to chart the north-west coast, hoping to find a strategic use for 'New Holland'. In July 1699, Dampier reached Dirk Hartog Island near Shark Bay in Western Australia. Searching for water, he followed the coast northwards, reaching the Dampier Archipelago and then Roebuck Bay. After finding no sign of water, he was forced to head north for Timor.

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William Dampier was born in 1651 in East Coker, Somerset, England. He was an explorer and the first known Englishman to discover what is known today as Australia.

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Q: Where did William Dampier explore?
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What country was William Dampier from?

William Dampier was from England.

Was William Dampier British?

Yes, William Dampier was British.

What was the reason for William Dampiers voyage?

William Dampier was a pirate and a naturalist. He was a meticulous observer of nature and note-taker, and to this end, his curiosity led him to explore.

When was William Cecil Dampier born?

Dorothy Dampier was born in 1908.

What was William Dampier's wife's name?

William Dampier's wife's name was Judith.

Was William Dampier a European?

Yes, William Dampier was European. Specifically, he was English.

When did William Cecil Dampier die?

William Cecil Dampier died in 1952.

How old was William dampier when he died?

William dampier was 64 years old when he died.

Where was William Dampier born?

William Dampier was born in 1651 in East Coker, Somerset, England.

What landmarks did William Dampier name or are named after him?

Dampier wa

What was William Dampier's middle name?

English explorer and pirate William Dampier is not known to have had a middle name.

What did William dampier discover in his life?

William Dampier, (1651 to 1715) was the first Englishman to explore or map parts of Australia, (Which was called New Holland in those days), and New Guinea. He was the first person to circumnavigate the world three times.