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Katherine Howard came from England, i no this coz i am clever lol no i am terrable at history, bottem set crew lol lizzie, Laura, Emilee and Ann xx

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Catherine (Kathryn) Howard was born in London to Edmund Howard and Joyce Culpepper. She was the fifth wife of Henry VIII.

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Q: Where did kathryn howard come from?
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What was the nationality of kathryn Howard?

Kathryn Howard was from Spain

Who is Kathryn Howard's mother?

Kathryn Howard's mother was Katie price

Parents of kathryn howard?

Elizabeth Howard

How do you spell kathryn of howard and Katherine sparr Henry VIII wives?

Kathryn Howard and Katherine Parr

Did kathryn howard have any children with Henry VII?

No because Kathryn of Howard didnt go out with Henry VII (the seventh)

Who were Kathryn Howard's children?


Why did Henry viii divorce kathryn howard?

Because Kathryn Howard had a Girl baby and King Henry the viii wanted a boy baby

How many children did Kathryn Howard have?


Kathryn d Sullivan what schooling does she have?


What year was kathryn howard born?

Around 1525.

When was Kathryn Howard's coronation?

Catherine was never crowned.

Did Henry VIII get on with Kathryn Howard?

to have a male ere :-)