Where did mountain men live?

Updated: 8/23/2023
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the mountain men where trappers and explorers

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Mountain men lived the Rocky Mountains most of their time. the other times they move often to find what they need.

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Q: Where did mountain men live?
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How did mountain men live?

Mountain men made a living by trapping and selling during the 1800s. They also spent a lot of time traveling to sell their wares.

Who did mountain men trade with?

Indians and other mountain men

How did mountain men and land speculators differ in the ways earned their living from the land?

they live off the land

What is the duration of The Mountain Men?

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When was The Mountain Men created?

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Who are the mountain men of Virginia?

Supposally in the movie wrong turn,the mountain men of west Virginia are cannibalistic disfigured men that go around the mountains catching people so they can eat. The father of these men would lead travelers who ask for directions,to an area where the mountain men would expect to find their live food to eventually kill them and eat them. Of course its not for certain that this is fact but so far it's what's heard.

What was the relationship with native Americans and mountain men?

They both live in the wild/mountains.

How did the activities of the mountain men encourage US expansion?

because people liked them people saw that it was possible to live in the west.

Do mountain lions live?

Of course, mountain lions live.

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What animals live on table mountain?

Gorillas live in the African mountains. Also the mountain lion and mountain buzzard.

What was a mountain men and what was the role of mountain men in US history?

Mountain men were men who trapped fur bearing animals for pelts, lived with Native American tribes, went to places that no white men had been before, and became guides for the western movement.