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Q: Where did the Japanese direct their ambitions as a new imperial power?
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How did Hitler's rise to power and the war in Europe affect Japan?

It is the british and her imperial ambitions that lead to rise of hilterCommentKindly explain!

Which group had the most power in Japan?

In the 1930's until the end of WW2, it was the Imperial Japanese Army.

What were Taika reforms?

Centralization of the Japanese Government and to enhance power of the Imperial Court. Hope this helped :)

What is Direct Rule?

Direct Rule: a system of government in which a province is controlled by a central government.

Who was the imperial power in south Asia?

Well Japan was a imperial power and was probable the most powerful. great Britain was also an imperial power in the area.

What benefits did the imperial power bring to Japan?

Japanese imperial power caused it to gain more respect from the world, and increased the nationalism of its citizens. It gained land and resources that it did not possess, particularly in the annexation of Korea. Its defeat of Russia gained new respect for its military and the annexation of Manchuria established it as the premier Asian power.

Japanese military power?

At the beginning of WW2, the most powerful navy in the world. Japan did not have the most powerful navy in the world, the British Royal Navy was instead considered the global maritime superpower until a few years after WWII. Japan, however, was indeed a very powerful military power with a massive navy roughly equal to that of the United States at that time.

Which 20th century president sent the Great White Fleet of navy steamships around the world to demonstrate American power and signify America's newly felt imperial ambitions?

Theodore Roosevelt ordered this world tour for the fleet in 1907.

What was war plan imperial?

The imperial war basically tried to make Japan the center of the world. The war itself was trying to expand the Japanese influence, culture and power throughout the world. However, it failed because the US intervened this process.

Who was Hideki Tojo and what did he do?

He was a general in the Japanese Imperial Army and was Prime Minister of Japan from October 17, 1941 to July 22, 1944.

What European country was the 2nd largest imperial power?

France was the second largest imperial power, after the United Kingdom.

Why did America want to become an imperial power?

America wanted to become an imperial power because they were mad at the King.