Where did the Mughals come from?

Updated: 8/18/2023
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the mughal come to sub-continent from Central Asia

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Q: Where did the Mughals come from?
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How did the Mughals succeed in establishing their rule in India?

The Mughals were able to defeat Ibrahim Lodhi. Babar also defeated Rana Sanga. More information on this topic is required.

How were the mughals so rich?

They were good at trading and also had to fight other religions which they then could take all their riches.

What came before the Mughals?

India's history starts with theIndus valley civilization.which was a very advanced civilization which was very organized..then came the Aryans might have driven away the indus civilization people....the aryans came from north-west Asia. then came the early empires-mauryan,kalinga,nanda,khushan,ect..(not in order {the empires}) then came mahumad of ghazni who invaded India ..then one of his men ,after he died ,took over India which is called slave the slave dynasty there came a very weak leader called ibrahim lodi who was defeated by babur the founder of the mughals.....then came the mughals.......

Who was the last great Mughal emperor?

Aurangzeb Alamgir (1658-1707), the sixth Mughal emperor, was the last of the great Mughals. Aurangzeb ruled the Mughal Empire for 49 years. But, due to his religious intolerance, he faced revolts from the Jats, Marathas, Satnamis. The huge empire break apart after the death of Aurangzeb.

What is the history of madan singh laxmibai ranuakka of chatrapati sambhajes family traped in mughals?

Ranu Akka - Sambhaji Maharaj's sister and Durgabai and her son Madansingh(6 months) - wife of Sambhaji - captured when they were travelling to go to PanhalaGad. Ranu Akka and DurgaBai and son were kept in prison in Nagar's fort initially and later moved to Khultabad.

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How did the mughals become mughals?

The mughals became mughals because they were descendants of the mongol emperor Genghis khan. The mughals came to India/Pakistan/Afghanistan in 1526. The Mughals and Mongols basically ruled all of Asia (Pakistan, China, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq The mughals religion was Muslim and so was the Mongols leader Genghis khan.

Indian flag at the time of mughals?

Flag at the time of Mughals

How many pages does White Mughals have?

White Mughals has 512 pages.

What is the biggest port under the Mughals?

Surat is the biggest port of Mughals.

Why did the Mughals face rebellions?

Because the Mughals wanted to expand their territories.

Where did the word moguls come from?

Comes from the history of the Mughals Empire in the India-Pakistan region of the late 15th Century

When was White Mughals created?

White Mughals was created on 2002-03-29.

Is successors of mughals alive?

Yes, there are some of the successors of Mughals who are still alive.

When did the Mughals rule?

The Mughals ruled from 1526 to 1857. The first six Mughal Emperors: Babur, Humayun, Akbar, Jahangir, Shah Jahan and Aurangzeb, are known as the Great Mughals. The Mughal rulers after Aurangzeb are called Later Mughals.

Who ruled India before mughals?

The Lodhi Dynasty ruled India before the advent of Mughals.

Why were the mughals after Aurangzeb called later mughals?

The mughals became mughals beacuse they were descendants of the mongol emperor genghis khan. the mughals came to India/Pakistan/Afghanistan in 1526. the mughals and mongols basically ruled all of Asia (Pakistan,India,Afghanistan,China and Iraq) The mughals religion was Muslim and so was the mongols leader Genghis khan. The majority of MUGHALS after the existence of PAKISTAN called as SARDAR. After the time gone the SARDAR cast holding more divided into two catagaries "DULLI SARDAR" and "MALDIYAL SARDAR". they are the true MUGHALS after the existence of PAKISTAN.They are all from the first leader genghis khan. BUT NOW THE MOST PEOPLES WHO ARE NOT MUGHALS CHEAT THE WORLD BY CALLED AS MUGHALS.

What is the mughals family tree?

the mughals family tree are those people who are related to the mughals( a huge race ), the mughals were a huge range of people. 100s of 1000s of people were mughals the race has now been destinguished and the familys got spread out because India and Pakistan had to get separated. many people don't even know that their part of the mughals race because their ancestors probably didnt tell them that their familys got spread apart. PS. im part of the mughals race-meaning:im part of the royal family of Pakistan-that TOTALLY AWESOME MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 WAAHOOOO!!!!!!!!