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Somewhere in the world the blacks boycotted the buses because they were always forced to give up their seat on the bus to a white person if there was no room. They would either have to sit in a different seat, which was normally the back of the bus or they would have to stand. They found this to be unfair so they decided to boycott the buses until they could sit where they wished.

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Q: Where did the blacks boycott the buses?
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Where in the world did blacks boycott bus?

Blacks boycotted buses by not using its bus transit

When was the Montgumary Bus Boycott?

Blacks boycotted by not going on buses and instead the walk to where they needed to go. Ex. Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat to a white passenger.

What was first boycott was overriding on?


What ended the motgomery bus boycott?

The desegragation of buses.

How long did the blacks of Montgomery refuse to ride the buses?

Who was the person who refused to give up a seat on the bus and led to a 382-day boycott by black people in Montgomery,Alabama

Which of these groups were blacks and whites who rode buses south to protest segragation of the bus stations?

They called themselves the "Freedom Riders" they rode through 2 states protesting

What event happened in 1955 for Martin Luther King Jr.?

king led the black boycott of the Montgomery,Alabama ,bus system this event helped end segregation of blacks and white on public/local buses

What is a boycott bus?

A bus boycott is when you make or lead a protest against the buses to make things equal with everyone [ raise ]

How many boycott's were constructed during the 1950's and what boycott's were they and how did segregation affect the boycott's?

there was over 600,000,000 jailed for life ( only blacks )

How were the Montgomery Bus Boycott and Freedom Rides related?

The Montgomery Bus Boycott and Freedom Rides were both in related because both events were used as protest against the racial segregation on public buses. Those in the Montgomery Bus Boycott protested by refusing to ride the buses, while the Freedom Rides were people who rode interstate buses into the segregated south.

What did the boycott have to do with the civil rights?

Since an overwhelming about of bus travelers were blacks and the seating on the bus was used to discriminate against blacks, a boycott on the bus system was a method to make segregation unprofitable.

What is the definition of Montgomery bus boycott?

An organised group determined NOT to use the buses in Montgomery.