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The enlightenment took place in Western civilization mostly in Europe and began in the late 1400's.

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Q: Where did the enlightment take place?
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When did the enlightment take place?


What is the name of the cultural period during which the Revolution took place?

Enlightment Period

When did the age of reason aka Enlightenment take place?

The age of enlightment was from about 1690 to 1800.

What is the duration of Year of Enlightment?

The duration of Year of Enlightment is 1.72 hours.

The selling of indulgences was a primary cause of Enlightment?

no it wasn't the primary cause for the Enlightment

What does the light of the Ghost of Christmas past symbolize?

The light represents enlightment. The light represents enlightment.

Why was the enlightment important?


What rhymes with Enlightment?

Excitement :D

How he become a Buddha?

Siddhatta Gautama became a Buddha by attaining enlightment. Infact the word enlightment even means someone who is enlightened.

What did the enlightment emphasize?

authority of the church in science

What did buddha achieve in his lifetime?

Enlightment and Nirvania.

Who were the monarchs that followed Enlightment thinking?