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Britain's final Frost Fair began on 1 February 1814 and, like the preceding Frost Fairs, it was held on the frozen Thames River in London. The river was frozen so solidly that with herds of donkeys were led out onto the frozen waterway for donkey rides and market sales, and lamb was roasted on the ice, with its meat sold as "Lapland Mutton".

After this event, winters did not become so cold again. When the new London Bridge was built, it had fewer supporting piers, which allowed the water to flow more freely. Therefore the Thames did not freeze over enough to allow crowds of thousands to wander about on its surface.

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Q: Where did the last Victorian Frost Fair in 1814 take place?
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Where did the last Victorian frost fair take place?

The last Victorian frost fair took place on the River Thames in London in February 1895. The freezing temperatures allowed the river to completely freeze over, creating an opportunity for a winter festival with booths, entertainment, and activities on the ice.

The last Victorian frost fair was in 1814. where did it take place?

River Thames frost fairs were held on the tideway of the River Thames at London in some winters between the 17th century and early 19th century, during the period known as the Little Ice Age, when the river froze over.

1813 to 1814 last in London?

River Thames Frost Fair

When was the last winter that a Frost Fair was held on the frozen River Thames in London?

The last frost fair was in 1814, and it began on February 1, and lasted for four days.

The Christmas period 1813-1814 saw the last what in London?

the frost fair.. on the thames.. i hope this helps

Where did the last frost fair take place?

blackfair bridge

The christmas period of 1813 - 1814 saw the last what in london?

The Christmas period of 1813-1814 was the last time the Frost Fair was held. The Thames River would freeze between old London Bridge and Blackfriars. Dozen of London traders would set up stalls and booths selling drinks, food, and wares, and souvenirs.

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The Christmas period of 1813 saw the last what in London?

Christmas Fair on a frozen River Thames (known as a Frost Fair)

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