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in England

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Q: Where did the titanic start its journey?
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When was the titanic start the journey?

April 10th, 1912

What is the journey called that titanic was taking?

the titanic journey

What was the titanic journey called?

it was called the maiden voyage

How much coal was used in the titanic journey?


Where was the Titanic's desition?

The Titanic was coming in from Europe and was trying to get to New York when, tragically, the Titanic was struck by an iceberg about halfway through it's journey.

What is it journey called that titanic was faking?

because they were going to south america

Was the journey difficult for the titanic?

Oh, just sank that is all.

How much did it cost for first class journey on the titanic?

£1290 pp

Where did the Titanic seank?

about halfway through the journey in the northern atlantic ocean

When did the titanic take its frst jerney?

its first journey is on April 10,1912

What was the role Queenstown Ireland in the Titanic disaster?

it was where it was built and started the journey

Did the Titanic complete its journey?

No. Titanic lies on the bottom of the Atlantic today where it foundered, a few hundred miles east of New York.