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Where did the word,"Canada,"come from? Well, Canada came from the word Kanata.

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Q: Where did the word Canada come from?
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Where did Canada's name come from?

From an Aboriginal word for village. We have a saying, In Canada, it takes a Canada.

Why did they name Canada Canada?

The word Canada was originally thought to have come from the Mohawk work "Kanata" which means "settlement" and was what many native groups called Canada. However there is evidence that the word may have come from Iroquoian word "Canada" which means the same thing as "Kanata"

Where does the word toboggan come from?

French canada

Where did the slang word cougar come from?

No one is certain, but it seems to have originated somewhere in Canada.

What country do grapefruit come from?

They come from Canada

Does the type of food we have in Canada increase people to visit?

Yes many people are convinced that Canada has many foods and come to try the different foods. Some people come to Canada for the Attractions and try the food Canada and only Canada has to offer. If they approve the word is spread and increases the amount of people coming to Canada

Are Canadian geese from canada?

No offense but where else would they come from!?! They have the word CANADIAN right in there name!

Why is Canada called Canada?

The name "Canada" is believed to come from the Saint-Lawrence Iroquoian word "kanata," meaning "village. Legend says that when Jacques Cartier asked the name of the local place, the natives thought he meant the word for village.

Where did the word saskapole come from?

I believe the word Saskapole originated from the fact that this pole for helping handicapped patients transfer was invented in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Where does the name Canada come from?

Most likely from the St.Lawrence Iroquoian word 'kanata'meaning 'village' or'settlement'

Why did the Italians come come to Canada?

Because Canadians are AWESOME !

What language did the word Canada come from?

The word Canada is derived from the St. Lawrence Iroquoian word "kanata," meaning village or settlement. French explorers began using the term to refer to the area near present-day Quebec City, which eventually became the name for the country of Canada.