Where did venom come from?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A metior carrying Symbiote goop

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Q: Where did venom come from?
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When a snake bites how does the venom come out?

From its venom bag through its fangs.

When bees die does the venom come out?


When did the CD venom by chamillionaire come out?

December 8,2009

Why does venom come out king cobras teeth?

To kill their prey

How does the snake venom come down to the teeth?

Snake venom is stored in small 'sacs' in the jaw. They are joined to the fang by a short tube. The fangs themselves have a hole running the length of the tooth. When a snake bites its prey, the muscles in the jaw squeeze the sacs, which delivers a dose of venom out of the tips of the hollow fangs.

Does the word toxic come from Mexico?

No. It comes from ancient Greek word toxikon, which means "venom".

Who would win anti venom or venom?

Anti-Venom was the original Venom. He could easily defeat the new Venom.

What is the best cure for a wasp sting?

Chewing tobacco.....but it has to come out of someones mouth. It takes the stinger and venom out. :)

How is snake venom useful?

Snake venom is collected for use as antivenin.antivenin counteracts the effects of a snake bite. it is weird that they use venom to treat venom but they do.

What is venom immunotherapy?

Venom immunotherapy is the process of injecting venom to treat various conditions. The most common form of venom immunization is bee venom therapy (BVT), with honeybee venom or stingers used to treat conditions.

Why is python venom deadly?

they have NO venom in them.

What is a sentence with the word venom?

The assassin harvested the venom to poison his target later.We need to get the venom out of your body.Stop spouting out so much vile venom.