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Q: Where do most of Australia's refugees come from?
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Do all refugees come to Britain?

Nope not all refugees come to Britain most of them are in America. Most Mexicans go to America. Refugees only come to Britain because whatever country is closer to Britain then they'll come.

Where do most refugees in the UK come from?


Where do most refugees come from today?

Some areas refugees come from are Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, most of the countries that are considered "poor" and have been ravaged by war. No offense to anyone, and sorry if I am. Rastace.

Where do the most refugees come from in the world?

The Middle East and Africa,and America is the courtry who arranges for the most refugees for all the world.

What actors and actresses appeared in Australias Most Wanted - 1999?

The cast of Australias Most Wanted - 1999 includes: Robert Rabiah as Suspect

What is Australias most popular place?


Where do Australia's refugees come from?

Australia's refugees mainly come from countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

How do most refugees arrive in NZ?

Most refugees come in to New Zealand by plane with a very small amount by boat this is due to the fact that New Zealand has no borders so no one can come in by car, truck, bus, etc.

Where do most refugees come in Australia?

if you are asking which detention camp most asylum seekers come too in Australia, most of them are sent to the massive detention camp on Christmas Island. If they manage to convince the government that their story is true, then they can live here, and then they are called refugees

Do refugees come from Europe?

Refugees can come from any part of the world, so there have been some refugees from European countries at different times.

Why did the kosovan refugees come here?

Kosovans are not refugees, they are tourists.

Are all refugees Asian?

No. Refugees can come from many parts of the world.