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It stands as the end of the human species.

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Q: Where does this society stand in human history?
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The human record of people and their relationships?

Q: The human record of people and their relationships? A: HISTORY

What economist claimed the history of society was fundamentally a history of class struggles?

According to Karl Marx, the history of society was indeed a class struggle issue. Marx failed to consider many other aspects of human society in his "dead in the water" ideas about economics and human history.

Which of these choices is not an institution of a society?

History is not an institute of society. Institutions may be considered private or autonomous, whilst culture and society, produced by collective human choice.

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W. F. Bynum has written: 'THE ANATOMY OF MADNESS' 'Science and the practice of medicine in the nineteenth century' -- subject(s): History, History of Medicine, History, 19th Century, Medicine 'A cultural history of the human body' -- subject(s): Social aspects, Human Body, Human body, Human body in popular culture 'A short history of the Physiological Society, 1926-1976' -- subject(s): History, Physiological Society (Great Britain), Physiology

What is meant by the initials HIMSS?

The initials HIMSS stand for Human Information Management Systems Society. This society is common for those in the nursing profession and other related career areas.

How do you spell solsiole studise?

SOCIAL STUDIES, or those subjects involved with human society (e.g. geography, history)

What does HSIE mean?

HSIE stands for Human Society and Its Environment. It is an educational framework in Australia that encompasses subjects such as history, geography, civics, and economics to help students understand and engage with the world around them.

When was IT History Society created?

IT History Society was created in 2007.

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it can stand for many things: - Department of Human Resources, - Director of human resources, - Department of Historic Resources, - Device History Record, - Decay Heat Removal, - Digital Health Record, - Design History Record, :D

What is the concept of humanities?

Humanities is a field of study that explores human culture, society, and history through disciplines such as literature, philosophy, history, art, and language. It focuses on understanding and interpreting the human experience and values through critical analysis and reflection.

What asme stand for?

ASME stand for American Society of Mechanical Engineers

How is reproductive viewed by human society?

well there is a human society, isn't there?