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On an island beside the modern city of Djenne in Mali, Africa.

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Q: Where exactly is Djenne Djeno located?
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What is the name of the oldest city in Africa?

Djenne Djeno

How did people of djenne-djeno adapted to their envirmoment?

they were living on the banks of the Niger River and worked as farmers

Why is the city Djenne-Djeno famous?

It is famous because it it is the oldest known city in Africa south of the Sahara, from zook.

What is D-jenne Djeno?

An ancient civilization located in sub-Saharan Africa Djenne-Djeno (Alt. Djenne - Also, Jenne-Jeno or Zoboro) is a mound about three miles southeast of Djenne in Mali today. It is the predecessor of Djenné city and one of the oldest urban centers south of the Sahara. The site is approximately 33 hectares and about eight feet high in places. It is roughly teardrop-shaped and is sheltered from the annual flood, on a hill on a now discontinued the channel of the Bani.

What country is Djenne located in?

Djenne is located in Mali, a country in West Africa.

What circumstances enabled djenne djeno to become a bustling trade center?

Djenne-Djeno became a bustling trade center for many reasons. First of all, their settlement was on the fertile Niger River. This enabled them to farm and fish on the river. Secondly, their domestication of animals provided for trade items and meat for food. In addition, they knew how to smelt iron. Lastly, Djenne was linked to trade routes through the Niger River by water and camels by land. This way they flourished in all ways

What circumstances enabled Djenne-Djeno to become a bustling trade center?

is the original site of Djenné, Mali and considered to be among the oldest urbanized centers in sub-Saharan Africa. The circumstances that enabled it to be a trade center are their rice domestication.

Why is the city of djenne djeno famous?

The town is famous for its distinctive adobe architecture, most notably the Great Mosque which was built in 1907 on the site of an earlier mosque. To the south of the town is Djenné-Djenno, the site of one of the oldest known towns in sub-Saharan Africa.

Why is the city Djenne Djeno famous?

Between the 11th and 13th C., Djenné was a leading commercial center in west Africa, the major terminus of the gold, salt and slave trade. Also, it was an important stop for long distance trade networks during 14th through 17th century.

When was the Great Mosque of Djenne?

The first Great Mosque of Djenne was built in the 13th century by Koy Konboro -- Djenne's first Islamicized ruler.

What was the wealthiest Songhai city located on the Niger?

Djenne was rich and the most renowned trading city along the Niger river during the era of the Songhai Empire.

How do you pronounce djenne?

"Djenne" is pronounced as "jeh-neh" with a slight emphasis on the first syllable.