Where is Mt Kilmanjaro?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Where is Mt Kilmanjaro?
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How many cones on mt kilmanjaro?

3 peaks

Why it does not snow in Africa?

It is too hot for it to snow. (except on Mt. Kilimanjaro)

What is mount kilmanjaro?

Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest peak in Africa.

What is the tallest mountains in Africa?

Perhaps it is Kilmanjaro mountain.

Who was the first person to climb kilmanjaro?

The first known climbers of Kilmanjaro were Hans Mueller and Ludwig Purtscheller. Kilamanjaro is a dormant volcanic mountain located in Kilamanjaro National Park in Tanzania.

What is the highest mountain in Africa call?

Mount Kilmanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa .

What state has Mount Kilimanjaro in it and start with a T?

Mount Kilmanjaro is in Tanzania, a country in Africa.

Has it ever snowed in Africa?

Yes, in fact some mountains like Kilmanjaro have snow caps for most of the year.

What mountains are located in Japan?

Mt. Fuji, Mt. Naka, Mt. Tokachi, Mt. Okuhotaka, Mt. Hidaka, Mt. Chugoku, The Japanese Alps, and someone can add on to this. :D

What are the top 10 greenhouse gas emitters by country?

China (9,300 Mt) The United States (4,800 Mt) India (2,200 Mt) Russia (1,500 Mt) Japan (1,100 Mt) Germany (718.8 Mt) Korea (600 Mt) Iran (567.1 Mt) Canada (547.8 Mt) Saudi Arabia (532.2 Mt)

What is 4500 tons in kilogrames?

4500 mt = 4500000 kg4500 mt = 4500000 kg4500 mt = 4500000 kg4500 mt = 4500000 kg4500 mt = 4500000 kg4500 mt = 4500000 kg

Has china got any mountains?

mt. haungshan,mt jiuhua,mt waitai, mt emei and mt putuoshan by zainith Patel mellor