Where is Wessex?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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Wessex was one of the ancient Saxon Kingdoms of England, it broadly included what is now called "The West Country" - Devon, Dorset and parts of Somerset. === === Wessex was an Anglo-Saxon kingdom which was founded c.520AD around Dorchester-on-Thames and is usually considered to have included the counties of; * Hampshire (where the capital of Wessex, Winchester, is located) * Wiltshire * Dorset * Somerset * Isle of Wight * Devon * Berkshire Additionally, Oxfordshire is often considered within the bounds of Wessex as is Gloucestershire, however both these areas alternated between being parts of Wessex or Mercia, the midland kingdom. Cornwall was annexed by Wessex in about 825AD. Around this time Wessex also annexed the previously independent kingdoms of Essex, Sussex and Surrey although these were ruled by the Wessex dynasty they were not considered parts of Wessex, rather subordinate territories whose rulers were either junior members of the Wessex dynasty or paid homage to the Kings of Wessex.

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South West England - At various times it would have included modern day Gloucestershire Somerset Hampshire Wiltshire Dorset Devon Berkshire Oxfordshire and the Isle of Wight. It also expanded to Kent and Sussex at one stage. I don't think it was ever fromally a 'county'. Think of it more as a region, district, or kingdom. The areas quoted above are correct.

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Q: Where is Wessex?
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