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it is situated at Sarnath

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Q: Where is the asoka pillar situated?
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Where is asoka pillar situated?

it is situated at Sarnath

Who made the iron pillar?


Who made iron pillar?


Where is India's national slogan engraved?

asoka pillar

The place where the lion capital was found?

It was originally found atop of asoka pillar at sarnath.

Was an engraved rock pillar from king Asoka's time a primary source or a secondary source?

primary source

Why are there four lions on Asoka pillar?

The four lions on the Asoka pillar symbolize power, courage, pride, and confidence. They also represent the spread of Buddhism to the four corners of the world, as King Ashoka played a significant role in promoting Buddhism.

When was Asoka born?

Asoka Mehta was born in 1911.

When was Asoka Mehta born?

Asoka Mehta was born in 1911.

When was Asoka Bandarage born?

Asoka Bandarage was born in 1950.

What is asoka's last name in clone wars?

Asoka Tano

When did Asoka Mehta die?

Asoka Mehta died in 1984.