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Q: Where should you begin if you want to study history?
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Give at least three reason why you study history?

There are so many reasons as to why you should know history, if you want three reasons as to why you should study history here you go, * YOU SHOULD KNOW IT, COMMON SENSE SAYS THAT YOU MAY NEED IT LATER ON IN LIFE, Real life example: say you get arrested and you don't know your rights, because of your stupidity you didn't study history and you never learned the BILL OF RIGHTS, i.e. (the thing that tells you what the law can and cant do to you) * Number two reason as to why you should know history. It could involve a war and history could come to your rescue and tell you what to do, but wait you never study it so bummer, Because when the same event happened 5, 10, 50 years ago and somebody or some other country had the same problem and they solved it. (Not saying right away but they solved some mystery problem.) You could have looked back and be like, that happened before, and they did this to stop it. And it worked instead you have to go on it the long and most likely hard way and solve it. Trying every possible solution until you find the right one. * Last but definitely not least, It could teach you something, like how far ahead we are to some people of 50 to 100 years ago and you could appreciate the way life is and how much easier it is to live now rather than back then. (If you ask me most people now would never be able to survive the laborious work back then.)

What is the history of the sailor Jerry Swallow?

you can have all the history you want ask me! sailor jerry swallow, new Glasgow

What is the history of lifestyle?

i love u magan martinez i want u to know that i do.

Does anybody else hate History as much as you do?

I used to like it before 7th grade, then it got to complicated. But everyone needs History so we don't repeat it. Because we do not want to be repeating everything our fallen ancestors did. And that's why history is important for all of us to learn and understand. History might not be the most interesting subject for you. But it is required for schools and for America. If you think about it what would happen if someone makes a huge mistake, that has already been repeated in history? And it could have been avoided? That's why everyone should learn history because who likes repeating mistakes?

What is the history of the al nahd tribe?

Take this link, for any information do you want about the history of the al nahd tribe : ARABIC SITE

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Why did petrarch say that it was important to study history?

Petrarch say that it was important to study history because It would affect education for many years.

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An archeologist?

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