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Dr. David Livingstone was born on March 19, 1813, in Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland. He died from malaria, and internal bleeding caused by dysentery, in Zambia, to the southeast of Lake Bangweulu. According to his journal, the date was May 1, 1873. But his faithful attendants, Chuma and Susi, reported the date as May 4. They arranged for his body to be taken back to Great Britain, for burial in Westminster Abbey. But they buried his heart, and internal organs, under a mvula tree near where he died. The site's now the location of the Livingstone Memorial. The slow-growing tree's decay-resistant wood often is substituted for teak. For this reason, it's aka African or Nigerian teak.

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April 18, 1874

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Q: Where was David Livingstone heart buried?
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What was done to David Livingstone's Body?

Well, David Livingstone's heart was actually buried in Africa. But his body (without his heart) was laid to rest in Westminster Abbey.

Where is drdavid livingstone buried?

Dr. David Livingstone is buried in Westminster Abbey in London, England. His body was originally buried in Africa, however, it was later moved to England as a sign of respect for his work as a missionary and explorer.

What unusual thing was done to David Livingstone's body when he died?

His heart was cut out, and his body sent back to Europe to be buried.

Did David livingstone get married?

did david livingstone get married?

How did David livingstone travel?

David Livingstone travailed by boat to Africa.

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Name two Victorian explorers and where they went?

David Livingstone "Dr Livingstone I presume" missionary explored Africa and made 3 long explorartions. Buried in Westminster Abbey Mary Kingsley two trips to west and central africa. Died of typhoid and was buried at sea.

Which desert did David Livingstone cross?

David Livingstone crossed the Kalahari desert.

What is David Livingstone's birthday?

David Livingstone was born on March 19, 1813.

When was David N. Livingstone born?

David N. Livingstone was born in 1953.

When was David Livingstone born?

David Livingstone was born on March 19, 1813.