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Q: Where was Pierre laclede explored?
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When was Pierre Laclede Born?

November 22,1729

Who discovered the area that is now Missouri?

Pierre Laclede Liguest..your welcome

Who was the founder Saint Louis?

It's generally agreed to be explorer Pierre Laclede.

Who founded the city of St. Louis?

Pierre Laclede founded the city of St. Louis in February, 1764.

Who were the French explorers that discovered the area which is Missouri?

Pierre Laclede and Rene Auguste Chouteau

When was Laclede Quartet created?

Laclede Quartet was created in 1978.

Who founded St. Louis MO?

St. Louis was founded by French traders and explorers in 1764, Pierre Laclède and Auguste Chouteau. They established the settlement on the western bank of the Mississippi River as a fur trading post.

When was Laclede Gas Company created?

Laclede Gas Company was created in 1857.

When was Laclede Gas Building created?

Laclede Gas Building was created in 1969.

When did Laclede Car Company end?

Laclede Car Company ended in 1903.

When was Laclede Car Company created?

Laclede Car Company was created in 1883.

Who found Missouri?

In 1673, father Jacque Marquette and Louis Joliet were the first to set foot on land, that later became Missouri. Pierre laclede founded the town St. Louis on Febuary 15 1764.