Where was conscription?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Conscription is the required service of citizens in the military. It is often called the draft. Several nations still have conscription such as South Korea and Thailand.

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Q: Where was conscription?
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Forcing people into military service?

It is conscription (or drafting).

What is conscription what is another word for it?

conscription means murder and rape and another name for conscription is bob

What happens conscription?

conscription is drafting or when you have to serve in war

What was the drafting of men to serve in the army called?


Which groups were for and against conscription in Australia?

I only know the group which was against conscription and that was theAnglicanchurch and it showed a large percent of them votes no for conscription.

When has the US used conscription?

The us used conscription in 1940-1973.

What effect did conscription have on Australian familles?

Conscription deeply divided Australia in the early 1900's. Many families (and citizens for that matter) did not agree with boyhood conscription, so an opposition was formed. Conscription is no longer practiced in Australia.

What are examples of conscription?

conscription program in the united states was known colloquially as "the draft"

How do you use conscription in a sentence?

Conscription is now being dropped in many countries.

Peoplegroups that opposed conscription in World War I?

who opposed (argued against) conscription in Australia during world war 1 and why? who opposed (argued against) conscription in Australia during world war 1 and why?

When did gough whitlam end conscription?

The Australian draft (conscription) ended in December 1972.

What are the ratings and certificates for Conscription - 1915?

Conscription - 1915 is rated/received certificates of: UK:U