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The conference was held in Vienna.

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Q: Where was the conference that decided the boundaries of Europe in 1815?
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Where was the conference held that decided Europe boundaries?

The conference that decided where Europe's boundaries would be was held in Vienna. This conference took place in 1815.

Where was the conference held that decided these boundaries of Europe in 1815?

The conference was held in Vienna.

What as the international peace conference held in Austria in 1814?

The Congress of Vienna was an International Conference and the main goal of it was to create a balance of power that would preserve the peace in Europe. In 1814, the Congress organised the conferenceto remake Europe after the downfall of Napoleon. This peace conference was held in Vienna, Austria from September, 1814 to June 1815. four big power, Austria,Russia,Prussia and Great Britain, led the conference. The main goal to establish peace in Europe became highly successful and Europe remain undisturbed for almost 40 years as an outcome of this International Peace Conference

What was the capital of Denmark in 1815?


What happened during the time period of 1800- 1815 in Europe?

During the time period of 1800-1815 in Europe. the Napoleonic Wars occurred. In 1803, Britain declared war on France. The war continued until 1815.

Where was the meeting of congress of Vienna held?

Congress of Vienna was a meeting of ambassadors of European states chaired by Austrian statesman Wenzel von Metternich. It was held in Vienna from September, 1814 to June, 1815.

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The congress of Vienna did what?

1. Ended the Napoleonic war 2. Reestablished order in Europe 3. Set up the "Congress System"

When did Switzerland become neutral?

Switzerland became neutral at the beginning of world war 1. That was 1876, they Also stayed neutral through WW2In 1815, after the Napoleonic wars. During these wars Switzerland was occupied and fought over.

In what years did napolean rule over Europe?

from 1799 to 1815