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Operating Gold Mine towns and regions in AustraliaNew South Wales:
  • Endeavour 42, Lake Cowal, West Wyalong
  • New Occidental, Occidental
  • Hill End Project, Hill End
  • Cadia, Cadia Ridgeway - Newcrest

Northern Territory:

  • Callie, The Granites - Tanami
  • Mount Todd - Katherine
  • Toms Gully, Union Reefs - Pine Creek


  • Gympie
  • Charters Towers
  • Mt Isa
  • Cloncurry
  • Mount Morgan

South Australia

  • Challenger, Olympic Dam, Prominant Hill - Gawler Craton


  • Beaconsfield - Launceston


  • Bendigo Mine, inc Central Deborah
  • Ballarat Mine
  • Stawell

Western Australia (the following lists towns and significant mining areas, within which are numerous mines, where about half of Australia's gold mines are located)

  • Agnew
  • Boddington Mine
  • Carosue Dam - Laverton
  • Coolgardie
  • Coyote - Tanami
  • Darlot-Centenary - Leonora
  • Kundana
  • Mount Magnet
  • Pilbara
  • Southern Cross
  • Higginsville
  • Kundana
  • Lawlers - Leonora
  • Meekatharra
  • Norseman
  • Paddys Flat
  • Mt Pleasant
  • Mulline
  • Northwest
  • Deakin Northwest, Jundee
  • Super Pit - Kalgoorlie-Boulder
  • Kalgoorlie, Golden Mile
  • Wallaby - Laverton
  • Wattle Dam
  • Wiluna

You can find a map of the current goldfields, and more details regarding the goldfields within each state, at the related links below.

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Gold was believed to have been first discovered in Australia in the Fish River but discoveries were kept secret, for fear of sparking off unrest among the convicts.

Surveyor James McBrien reported finding gold near Bathurst, NSW in 1823, and there were numerous other gold finds which remained unreported.

Gold was first officially discovered in Australia in 1851 at Ophir, not far from Bathurst, New South Wales by Edward Hargraves.

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Each of the states in Australia had gold discoveries. The main goldfields were:

  • Near Bathurst, at Ophir, NSW, and nearby regions such as Young (Lambing Flat), Sofala and Hill End.
  • Bendigo and Ballarat in Victoria. The Bendigo/Ballarat/Castlemaine region remains one of Australia's richest gold-bearing regions.
  • The goldfields of Gympie, Queensland, and far northern Queensland.
  • In Western Australia, the Coolgardie and Kalgoorlie goldfields were discovered several decades later, in 1892 and 1893.
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Q: Where was the first gold found in Australia?
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Did the first gold found in Australia affect anything?

It started a gold rush.

What state was the first to have gold in Australia?

Gold was first found in New South Wales. Unofficially, traces were first found in the Fish River in the 1830s; officially, gold was first found at Ophir in 1851.

What was found in Australia in 1851?

1851 was the year of the first official gold discoveries in Australia.

Where did William Chapman first find gold?

William Chapman first found gold in Echunga, South Australia in 1852.

What state in Australia is most gold found?

Western Australia is the state where most of Australia's gold is currently found. It has about half of Australia's working gold mines.

Was the first gold found Australia?

Not at all. Gold has been known since the time of ancient Egypt.

Where was gold found in Australia in 1892?

In 1892, gold was found at Coolgardie, Western Australia, sparking off the gold rush in Western Australia.

How much money was paid for the first gold found in Australia?

200 pounds.

Where was there a gold rush at the time gold was found in Australia?

At the time gold was found in Australia, there was a major gold rush going on in California.

When did William Hargreaves discover gold?

He didn't.Edward Hargraves found the first payable gold in Australia in February 1851.

Where is MOST gold found in Australia?

Western Australia has about half of Australia's working gold mines.

What types of gold were found in Australia?

Metallic gold.