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Q: Which transitional word or phrase is most common in the chronological organizational pattern?
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What do organizational patterns for speeches include?

Organizational patterns for speeches include the introduction, body, and conclusion. The body of the speech typically consists of main points that support the thesis or main idea. Common organizational patterns for speeches are chronological, spatial, topical, cause and effect, and problem-solution.

What persuasive organizational pattern arranges information based upon pros and cons?

The persuasive organizational pattern that arranges information based on the pros and cons is called the advantages-disadvantages patter. This pattern can use a point by point organizational pattern, or it can present all of the advantages and then all of the disadvantages.

What is the most common XHTML DTD?


What is the most common organizational solution for a cramped attic?

An organizational shelving system within the walls

Which two kinds of structures are most common in green literature?

Chronological and cause--effect

What are the common types of organizational chart?


Which is the most common structure in which biography is written?

The most common structure in which biographies are written is usually chronological, where events are arranged in the order they occurred in the subject's life. This helps readers follow the subject's journey from birth to significant life events in a clear and organized manner.

Why Organizational behaviour is more of common sense and not science?

No, OB is not common sense.

What is a common characteristic of transitional metals?

They have multiple oxidation states (owing to the d orbital)

What kind of structure is most common in green literature?

Chronological and cause-and-effect

What is Two most common organizational methods?

joe is our friend

What is the most common form of IT enabled organizational change?