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the gun

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Q: Which Chinese invention was adopted in the west for the shortest length of time?
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What country has the shortest border with China?

There are 16 countries that touch the border of China. Hong Kong has the shortest border touching China with the length of 30 km.

Length of a tennis court?

A regulation court is 60' by 120' overall. The playing surface is 78' long by 27' wide for singles and the doubles court width is 36' (4 1/2' alleys).

What is the length of a 10 year old's arm?

1 feet

What did emperor Qin standardize?

hen Qin Shi Huang asked Li Si to help unify the script of Chinese language, Li Si and other scholars wrote a number of literary texts through which a new, simplified, standardized script, known as the Small Seal Script, was universalized throughout China.Qin Shi Huang promoted the use of the reformed measuring system of his former kingdom, in which six feet equaled one Bu (Chinese double paces); 240 Bu equaled one Mu; and ten feet equaled one Zhang. In 221 b.c., a short imperial edict (of 40 Chinese characters) was promulgated on the unification of this measuring system, and it was required that all officially accepted measuring instruments must bear the edict's words.In addition to writing and measuring systems, at the time of unification, different regions used different currencies. Qin Shi Huang reformed the currency system by declaring two types of currency: gold and copper. Gold was called upper currency, using Yi (24 ounces) as its unit, while copper was called the lower currency, which appeared in round coins with a square hole in the middle, each weighing a half Liang (half an ounce).The second year after unification saw the beginnings of three major imperial highways, known as Chi Dao.With Xian Yang, the capital, as their center, the highways stretched northeast (reaching areas of the former kingdoms of Yan and Qi); southeast (reaching the former kingdoms of Wu and Chu); and north and south, about 800 kilometers (496 miles) with Wu Yuan (near today's Bao Tou in Inner Mongolia) at the northern end; and Ling Ling (in today's Hunan province) at the southern end. These highways were 50 Bu (300 feet) wide with pine trees planted along the sides at intervals of three Zhang (30 feet). Remnants of Chi Daosurvive today. With the total length of the Qin imperial highways stretching approximately 6, 800 kilometers (4, 216 miles), the completion of Chi Daogreatly increased the convenience of transporting troops and their supplies. In comparison, the total length of the Roman road system (ca. 150 a.d.) from Scotland to Rome and then to Jerusalem was about 5, 984 kilometers (3, 710 miles).

What are the main themes of the Victorian Era?

Big puffy dress' for the ladies and short 3quarter length trousers with long socks for the men.

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