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Q: Which European country is surrounded by Belgium Germany and France?
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What European country is further north Austria Germany or Switzerland?


Where is luxombourg?

Luxombourg is a small country in western Europe that is surrounded by Belgium, France, and Germany.

What is a European country near Belgium?

France, Germany, The Netherlands and Luxembourg all border Belgium.

What European country bordering the Netherlands starts with the letter b?

Belgium is the country you are looking for. The Netherlands is bordered by Belgium, Germany and the North Sea.

What small European country is bordered by Netherlands Germany Luxembourg and France?


Tell you the nearest country name to belgium?

Belgium is surrounded by: The Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, France.At the other side of the North Sea you have the United Kingdom

What large European country does the Netherlands border?

Germany and belgium are the only countries that border the Netherlands.

What European thing starts with b?

Belgium is a country in Europe. Berlin, Germany is a city in Europe.

What is the relative location of Czech Republic?

A landlocked European country surrounded by Austria, Germany, Poland and Slovakia.

What country is bordered by FranceGermanyAustria and Italy?

The Netherlands is bordered by Germany on the East, Belgium in the South and the North Sea on the West and North.Luxembourg is not fully surrounded by Belgium and German, but only a small section of the country's southern border is closed in by France.

What countries border Brussels?

Belgium is the country that Brussels is the capital of. It is surrounded by the Netherlands, France, Germany, Luxembourg, and the North Sea.

By 1914 what European country had divided up Africa?

Great Britain, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain and Portugal