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The first known European to sail to Australia was Dutchman Willem Jansz, who landed on the shores of the Gulf of Carpentaria in 1606. However, it is believed that the Portuguese were the ones who first saw the continent, even though no records of this still exist.

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The first known European ship to come to Australia was the Duyfken, commanded by Dutch trader Willem Jansz, in 1606.

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Q: Which European ship came to Australia first?
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How did John Caesar get to Australia?

he came on the first fleet ship Alexander

How did the Europeans get to Australia?

They came on a ship

Why is the Duyfken of important historical significance to Australia?

The Duyfken was a Dutch ship, and is believed to be the first European ship to arrive on the continent of Australia. In 1606, Dutch explorer Willem Jansz, commanding the Duyfken, became the first recorded European to set foot on Australia's shores, doing so on the western shore of Cape York Peninsula.

What transport did John Oxley use to get to Australia?

There was only one means of transport to get to Australia in Oxley's time, and that was by ship. Oxley first came to Australia in 1802 on the ship "Buffalo" as master's mate. After a few years he returned to England, but came back to Van Diemen's Land in 1806 when he commanded the ship "Estramina". After returning to England, he was promoted to first lieutenant, and returned once more to Australia on the H.M.S. Porpoise.

What ship discovered australia?

The ship that discovered Australia was called the Duyfken and came from Holland. This Dutch vessel sighted Australia's coast in 1606.

Which European traveler came to India by perfector ship?

Herman Gundart

What was the first ship to come to Australia?

The Duyfken, captained by Dutch explorer Willem Janszoon/Jansz was the first recorded ship to arrive in Australia. On 26 February 1606, Jansz became the first known European to land on Australia's shores at the Pennefather River, near the present-day town of Weipa, on the western coast of Cape York Peninsula.

How did Christmas cards come to Australia?

Before air mail they came by ship.

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The first honeybee arrived in Australia aboard the ship "Isabella" in 1822.

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what was the name of the first us ship to arrive in australia?


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