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Note it is : Harald Hardrada (not) Harold Hardraada

Harald Sigurdsson (1015 - September 25, 1066), was the king of Norway from 1047 until 1066. He was also claimed to be the King of Denmark until 1064 and was later given the epithet Hardrada.

He is generally remembered for his invasion of England in 1066. He won his first battle, the Battle of Fulford, south of York, on 20 September. However he was then defeated and killed at the Battle of Stamford Bridge, outside the city of York, England, on 25 September 1066. Harald's death is often recorded as the end of the Viking era.

At the Battle of Stamford Bridge, Harald Sigurdsson fought Harold Godwinson, King of England and it was this Harold who was defeated (and killed) at The Battle of Hastings by William the Conqueror on 14 October 1066.

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Q: Which battle did Harold hardraada win in 1066?
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Did king Harold win a battle in 1066?


When did William of Normandy win the Battle of Hastings?

Yes William showed amazing determination during the Battle of Hastings. He showed it through his leadership skills as was able to keep his troops fighting and not give up. He also kept fighting the Battle getting stronger and stronger as soon as Harold Godwinson was killed (With an arrow in the eye) William knew Harolds army would soon surrender!

What date did Harold God win march to meet William of Normandy in the south of England?

1066 but he didnt win.

When did they win the Battle of Hastings?

on the 14th october 1066 William of Normandy won the battle

Did King Harold win the battle of haistings?


What date did willian of Normandy win the battle of hastings?

14th October 1066.

When did William of Normandy win 'Battle of Hastings' and become King of England?


Did William win stamford bridge?

William, and here one must assume you are referring to Duke William of Normandy, was not even in England at the time of the Battle of Stamford between Harold II and Harold Hardrada of Norway. William arrived in England with an invasion force later in the year of 1066 and defeated the English army under Harold II at the Battle of Hastings on the south coast.

Did will win the battle of hastings?

Will (iam) won the battle of Hastings against Harold godwinson

What good things did William do tho win the 1066 battle?

It's a bit of a vague question.

Who lost The Battle of Hastings?

The battle was fought between Normandy and England. The Norman ruler who engaged in the battle was William the Conqueror and the English king was King Harold II. King Harold II was killed and England lost this battle and Normandy took over rule in 1066, England begrudgingly accepted William as their king.

How win's the battle of hastens?

William the conker won the battle of hastensbecause he shot king Harold in the eye.