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Heer from Waris Shah's literature Heer Ranjha belonged to a Jatt family of the Sayyal clan, Heer was her first name.

Heer surename is one of the asl jatt along with maan and bhullar.

They are definitely jatts found in many region in Punjab,haryana etc.

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Q: Which caste Heer belonged to jat or rajput?
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yes, ghara are pure jats.First when Lubanas were Hindu they belonged to the rajput caste but when the lubanas transformed themselves into Sikh they were to which caste they would like to belong and they answered that they would like to form a new clan.But 33% of the Lubanas said that they would like to belong to the jat caste and thus that happened that's why ghara,shah labana ,darashah,badwalia etc. are jats.same story is of the gills they are somewhere from the gillan in the pacific ocean.but when they transformed themselves to Sikhs they wanted to belong to the jat caste and thus they became.

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