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India is not a global military power. Its military influence is currently very local to the Asian continent. India probably has the capability to defeat all the country except some countries like usa , china and Russia

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Q: Which countries could India defeat in a war?
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Which countries could Canada defeat in a war?

The U.S., China, Russia, maybe Great Britain.

Can India defeat China if there is a war between them?

We can Defeat China In war but only when every Indian think patriotically & work for India & its development. if this happens India can become superpower in 1 year

Why China attacked India in 1962?

Its is due to the border dispute and reclaiment of land on both sides. Thus sparked both countries to engage in a war. Which India suffered a humililating defeat at China's hands.

Do India can beat the china in war?

If the Chinese try to invade India, I would say that India has the wherewith all to defeat them. In a defensive war, India has a great advantage in terrain, with the highest mountains in the world as a barrier, and it has a nuclear parity with China. India has a smaller army but it is very able, and India has a very competent air force. I think that India could repel a Chinese invasion with little or no help from other countries. Of course, the Indians would have no chance of invading China and winning, but why would they want to?

What did England's defeat of the Spanish Armada do?

It saved England from war and uneasiness between England and Spain. It meant the countries had a truce and many citizens could relax.

What war would present day politicians claim as a defeat and a blow to public moral?

In order for us to answer your question correctly we would need to know what countries are at war with each other. Since this question is subjective it could apply to any war between any countries.

What is the definition of a war campaign?

An action where 2 countries are dedicated to the total defeat of the other.

Could Germany defeat us in World War 2?


Can china defeat India in war?

It is a hypothtical question and hence cannot be answered It is obvious that China is going to be a super power while India will/is rolling in dirt. Look at where China is, highly sophisticated, and look at the shack towns India has. So to answer your question, yes China can kick India's butt.

Which two countries have war because of religion?

Why doubt..Its only India and Pakisthan

In the revolutionary war the british could not defeat the Americans in the north so they moved where?


India became independent after World War 2 because?

After World war II ended, India became an independent country. It did this by taking advantage of the weakness of the European countries.