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There is one tiny country that lies between France and Spain. The country is called Andorra. Note that France and Spain still share most of their borders with each other, and only a small part of the shared border is interrupted by Andorra.

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Q: Which country is located on the border between France and Spain?
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Why did Bismarck think France would stand in the way of unification?

France was clearly not going to welcome an adjoining state with the potential to be more powerful than herself. The border areas between France and the German states had been contested for centuries, often to the advantage of the powerful, united French state, while many southern German states were French allies (suspicious of Prussian motives).

What are the terms of peace World War 1?

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Which country is located on border between France and Spain?


The tiny country located on the border between France and Spain is?


What country are the Pyrenees mountains in?

The Pyrenees mountains are located along the border between France and Spain.

What is the name of the tiny country located on the northeastern border in Spain?

The principality located in the Pyrennes between France and Spain is Andorra.

What country is the western border located?


What country is south of France and east of Portugal?

Only the country of Andorra sits along the France-Spain border. If the Basques were to achieve independence, they would be a second country between France and Spain, but Basque independence is incredibly unlikely.

Where are the Pyrenees mountain located?

The Pyrénées is the mountain range located on the border between France and Spain.

What country is located on the border between France and Spain?

Andorra is the country located on the border between France and Spain. It is a small, landlocked country known for its mountainous terrain and ski resorts.

Where are the Pyrenees Mountain?

The Pyrenees are located on the border between France and Spain.

What countries border Brittany France?

Brittany is part of France and located on its western part, on the Atlantic. It has no border with any foreign country.

What country forms the notheast border of Spain?

France - although Andorra lies along that border - between Spain and France - nearly all of the border is with France.

What country is located southwest of france?

Spain is located on the south-west border of France, across the Pyrenees mountain range.