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This would be the Charters of the Virginia Company of London.

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Q: Which early document extended English rights to colonists?
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Which founding document guaranteed the rights of englishmen to the colonists?

The Charter of the VA Company in London was the founding document that guaranteed the rights of Englishmen to the colonists. It also established the House of Burgesses.

What idea was the English bill of rights the first to document?

the English Bill of Rights was the first document to contain which idea

What was the idea of the first document of the English bill rights?

the English Bill of Rights was the first document to contain which idea

What document expanded the rights of the English people and parliament?

The English bill of rights.

What document assured the King of colonists desire for peace and asked king to protect colonists rights?

The Olive Branch.

The English bill of rights was the first document to contain what idea?

natural rights--rights that no govenrnment can arbitrarily take away

What document was designed to prevent the abuse of power by the English monarchs?

The english Bill of Rights.

A british document used as a guide for colonists in americal for rights?

Urk. This is too vague. Please specify what rights from where.

What is a written document?

Its a important document that is written. They are usually about rights of people like the Bill of Rights. Lots of colonists wrote the written document. You can see lots of documents in history museum these days.

Did the colonists benefit from from the English Bill of rights?

yes they did

What was the document written during the Glorious Revolution?

The English Bill of Rights

What document was signes by William and Mary in 1688?

English Bill of Rights